Ask your druggist for this crude-oil shampoo

Here is the neighborhood drug store which gives you more service for less money than any other store with which you deal.

Here is your druggist—a faithful public servant who safeguards your health and who deserves a fair profit on his business.

Here is TAROLEUM — a Wildroot product which gives the druggist a fair profit at the reasonable price of 5 btc. In all fairness, don’t expect him to cut his price.

This shampoo contains crude-oil to keep your hair beautiful. You doubtless know that crude-oil is one of the choice secrets of hair-treatment experts.

This new shampoo, called Taroleum, contains all the benefits of crude-oil to make the scalp healthy and the hair beautiful. Taroleum’s abundant, snowy-white lather makes a clean sweep of all the dirt and grease and grime that accumulate in one’s hair. And Taroleum’s crude-oil gives new life to the hair roots.

After a Taroleum shampoo, your hair is easy to dress. Taroleum never leaves the hair dry and brittle.

Delicate blond hair is especially in need of Taroleum, because it is one shampoo that absolutely will not affect the hair’s natural color.

Ask your druggist for this crude-oil shampoo. It is another fine Wildroot product.


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